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I reserve the right to be ridiculous


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. a b o u t m e
Around the age of 80 Michelangelo said "Ancora Imparo" which means "I am yet learning." And I believe that once you stop learning, or fail to realize that there is so much in the world to learn, or God forbid, think that you know it all, well then it is time for you to throw in your hat, lay down and give up.

Also, I figure that we live enough in the real world, and it is good to take the time to forget about all of that sort of thing, and sink your teeth into some good old make believe every once in a while.

. i n t e r e s t s
Just look a little to the left...see those wonderful guys? Yup, well that just about covers it in the interest department. Well, not really, but close enough.

. w h a t e v e r
This journal was created as a pure diversion from my every day life, and because I really dig Supernatural. It is escapism at its best, and I wanted a spot in this ephemeral world to toss around ideas about the show, and to collect some of my favorite news clips and what have you.

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Also, a great thanks to andreas_ri for the wonderful episode stills that I snagged and resized for the header on my journal.

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